Yes, I see your point. Your imbecility being what it is, I should have known to say “Jesse, don’t leave the keys in the ignition the entire two days!”


the sheer disrespect

Horror meme: Favorite horror movie series - A Nightmare on Elm Street [1/5]

Just in time for Halloween (a little/way before, sue me - I’m excited), I’ve come up with a meme for myself, and I’m sharing for whoever else wants to do it, because I find the question, "What’s your favorite scary movie?" far too difficult to answer. So, let’s break it down: 

  1. Favorite horror movie series
  2. Favorite slasher movie
  3. Favorite sci-fi horror movie
  4. Favorite found footage movie
  5. Favorite home invasion movie
  6. Favorite possession movie
  7. Favorite haunting movie
  8. Favorite psychological thriller
  9. Favorite creature feature/monster movie
  10. Favorite disease/plague movie
  11. Favorite foreign horror movie
  12. Favorite elements/apocalyptic horror movie (Frozen, Hell, etc.)
  13. Favorite horror/comedy
  14. Favorite classic horror film
  15. Favorite remake
  16. Favorite villain
  17. Favorite male character in a horror movie
  18. Favorite female character in a horror movie
  19. Favorite horror film of the past year
  20. Witches, zombies, vampires, ghosts, or werewolves?
  21. Favorite horror themed TV series
  22. Favorite Halloween TV special
  23. Favorite Halloween themed horror movie
  24. Favorite non-horror related Halloween themed movie (IE: Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, Practical Magic, Paranorman, etc.)

All questions are optional, do as many for each one as you want/there’s no limit; you can mix and match, if you don’t know what a genre is - google is your friend. Do what you want - it’s just the internet. Have fun!

Since I was five Tara, all I’ve ever wanted was a Harley and kutte.

little machines + favorite lyrics

❝ There are some Sons of Anarchy moments that will always stay with us: Opie saying, “I got this,” Clay locking eyes with Gemma through the blinds, and Tara smiling before she walked into that kitchen. Why? Because you don’t forget how you begged out loud to your TV to make what you knew was about to happen stop. ❞
—   'Sons of Anarchy' season finale recap (via michaelsocha)   —